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As a CBD expert and CBD review website contributor, I get asked often whether or not the companies mentioned on these websites are "real" companies. And I get asked if those companies are serious about researching and developing safe and effective CBD products for public consumption. Some of my colleagues and I have done our own independent CBD research as well, independently verifying that many of the companies we find on CBD review websites are in fact true businesses that have CBD for the medical and adult market. We've even talked to licensed growers and distributors of CBD products and, in many cases, found that many of the CBD companies we found online had either incomplete information or outright false information on their websites.

What makes for a good CBD company? Well, first of all, we want to make sure that the CBD reviews and ratings we use are independent, scientific reviews. We don't want to make endorsements or recommendations based on our own biases or sales incentives. So when we come across CBD review websites that are truly objective in their reporting, we will include them in our review team. These independent CBD review websites will provide unbiased information that we can trust because they have no incentive to push one type of product over another.

However, not every CBD review website uses scientific and unbiased review criteria or does not try to influence the decision of readers toward certain products. Many CBD review websites have no expert reviewers at all or are funded by the companies that may have CBD for medical purposes in mind. And we do not endorse or recommend products that are featured on these sites. The opinions expressed on these sites should be the only influence on any decisions about CBD and whether or not to try it.

Furthermore, not every CBD review website is created equally. Some review websites are run by marketing professionals with no expertise in this field and may not feature scientific or unbiased reviews of CBD products. We want to encourage independent websites that are not affiliated with anyone who might sway readers toward one type of product over another.

Finally, many CBD review websites make all sorts of bold and unproven claims about the benefits of CBD products. They often feature testimonials from "users' who say they are experiencing relief from symptoms like joint pain, insomnia, depression, and weight loss. It is important not to fall for these sales pitches, as these testimonials are most likely planted by the owner of the website who stands to benefit from people becoming more familiar with his website and buying through him. And of course, these claims are scientifically untrue. This is why we urge people to look for the information provided on these sites with a grain of salt.

Overall, CBD reviews are very valuable for two reasons. First, CBD reviews allow consumers to make an informed decision about whether or not to try it. And second, such reviews are not useful for marketing purposes, because they tend to promote one type of CBD product over another. As such, it is important to choose CBD review websites that accurately represent the views of the medical community, and avoid sites that merely sell CBD products.

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