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Apothiki Art Center

Kastro - Parikia - Paros - Cycladic Islands - Greece

Call for Proposals 2012 - 2013


Greece cannot complain for lack of attention these days… The negative image, created by the escalating economic chaos, have somehow made us look away from the unmatched beauty, rich history and opportunities that lay within this country.


The situation reminds us of an old Indian saying; ‘When the elephant is wounded, the frog will give him a kick’.


For us at Apothiki, art is not just a pleasurable ‘icing on the cake’. It is a way of thinking and a practice of working innovatively with reality, inspiring us all to improve upon the realities that surround us.


As someone has put it; ‘The role of art is to make a world which can be tolerated’.


The Apothiki Art Center is now entering its ninth season and will continue to welcome artists from all parts of the world, within all art disciplines.


After organising some 120 exhibitions and concerts, welcoming more than 270 artists from 26 countries, we can - in all modesty - say that the response to our project has been encouraging and a sure sign that we are contributing to a lively and growing art scene on our island.


The fact that all these people came through our 700-year-old doors and have shared their enthusiasm with their communities back home, makes this group a tremendous team of ‘Ambassadors for Paros Island’ and the Apothiki project. Through them – and in one way or the other - our efforts are noticed and appreciated worldwide.


Through our Residency programme, we offer ‘exploring and creative minds’ an opportunity to see things differently. Change is coming our island in many ways; often it comes the hard way. Our guests explore all aspects of daily life on a Greek island, observing and participating in a change in society that is both needed and in many ways already in process.


At the same time, a self-reflective island experience adds an additional dimension to the way artists look the world as a whole. The lack of distraction also increases their creativity and influences the next steps in their artistic development.


Last year, we had successful residencies with artists from U.S., U.K., New Zealand and Australia. This year we will welcome artists from Greece, Italy, Belgium and US and organise a major exhibition in cooperation with Medusa Art Gallery, Athens.


Besides the residencies and exhibitions, we continue to welcome creative ideas for events and projects that fit our space and are in line with our philosophy.


In 2012, we will launch the Annual Lecture Series ‘TIME LESS’, creating a platform to bridge the creative and vibrant art world and the unique setting and history of the Cyclades with the return of the ‘art-of-living’ in philosophy and in western society.


The lecture series aims at creating an interdisciplinary journey for the intellectually curious that wish to explore connections between the arts, philosophy, ethics and history with the current challenges that most of us are facing in our everyday professional and personal lives.


We call upon all artists and art lovers to not turn away from Greece and Paros. Now, more than ever before, the art and culture that this country has offered us for 5000 years will play a vital role in bringing the society back on track, helping us all to keep things in perspective.


In one way or the other, we have been in touch in an art-embracing environment recently. That is why we send you this message and call, and therefore we encourage you to send us your ideas and proposals for residencies, exhibitions and events. Feel free to send them in English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish or Greek.


As before, we will look at the modalities and practical matters, proposing a tailor-made programme that suits everyone involved.


We hope that you will be able to visit our island and that we will work together to create meaningful and transformative experiences for all of us involved! We would also highly appreciate it when you could share this message with your friends and colleagues.


After all, it was Einstein who once said; ‘You cannot solve the problems with the same ideas that created them’ .

With kind regards,


Dirk Drijbooms / Director -

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Comment by yann on March 27, 2012 at 20:58

I'm allways interested to have an exhibitation of my photo-graphics of Greece in Paros ...!/pages/Co...

my mail adress :

I will be soon in Paros again ...


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