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4th edition of AXIA FESTIVAL, in Chalki, Naxos

When 7 high standards musicians from Greece, England, Australia, Sweden, Germany and Japan are invited to perform in the square of a showcase Cycladic village, which is successfully enhancing its historical and cultural patrimony, and under the auspices of an environmentally themed village-feast engaging the whole community for 3 days, the result is a magical AXIA FESTIVAL.

All this is not a fairytale but has really happened last weekend in Chalki, a model village in the centre of Naxos, in the Tragea Mountains.
Chalki, the old capital of Naxos, was a prosperous trading post and agricultural processing centre. After a period of decadence, the village is reviving the last 10 years; inhabitants are coming back and are restoring their ancestral Venetian castles, neoclassical and farm houses, and also old businesses like the “Kitro” distillery and the marmalades manufacture. First instigators of this revival are Katharina Bolesch and Alexander Reichardt who established 12 years ago in Chalki and founded a ceramics and jewellery workshop and gallery, “Fish and Olive Creations”. Alexander Reichardt is also the inceptor and the soul of AXIA FESTIVAL.

In its 4th edition this year, AXIA FESTIVAL acquired a new art director, Nigel Shore who is one of today's most sought-after oboists internationally. The programmes included music ranging from Bach to Bossa Nova and from Villa-Lobos to Jazz, interpreted by Nikos Karavias, Anna Carewe, Philip Mayers, Nigel Shore, Hans Limburg, Keiko Borjeson and  Håkan Börjeson.

The festival included a slide-show and lecture of Oceanographer and marine conservation activist Peter Nicolaides. A key moment was when Keiko Borjeson, who is an environmentalist as well as an amazing jazz pianist singer, and a captivating woman, screamed with a voice coming from deep inside “fish are crying because we are not kind to the environment” and “after Fukushima Japan rises again, and so Greece can get up again. And it will!”

The plan for the 5th AXIA FESTIVAL is to bring it to Paros as well, and consecrate Keiko Borjeson as an environmental ambassador of the Aegean.



Photos by Antonis Giamouris 

More photos by Nikos Mitsouras in Picasa "Welcoming the artists in Athens"


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