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More traffic to Paros using video on the internet

Paros is a beautiful Island. Some say paradise like. Still relatively clean and full of natural beauty.
We all wish to spend most of our time here and make a reasonable living doing so.
This is one of the biggest challenges we face as being part of Paros community.
Since most of us depend on tourists, visitors who make a stop on this rock in the middle of the Cyclades, it is our challenge to bring to the island more of them, more of those who would appreciate what the island has to offer, our kind of people.
When I say – has to offer – indeed the island has many attractive activities going on that could draw to it different kinds of people.

Our challenge is to bring more traffic, on line and off line, to what we are doing.

More than 200 million people use You Tube every month.
A large percent of them, mostly young people age 20-30, use You Tube as a search engine,
That is they search for key words.

Today more than half of the information on the internet is in video,
And this is growing all the time.
Google's policy places video high on the rankings for search results.
The more a video has high rating and comments on You Tube the higher it ranks on Google too.

Another advantage of video is that if a video is fun, inspiring, funny or cool – it spreads easily through social networks such as facebook and my space.

The best way to bring visitors to Paros is to show a real reflection of the reality here. Scenery, testimonials, reactions, art, all documented in a creative way.

When one uploads a video one has to add location!!!
Today You Tube is connected to Google maps and when uploading a video there is a map to show exactly where this video was taken.
In Categories fill in Travel +events
When filling in Tags write: Paros, Greek Islands, Greece, Cyclades, Zorba
And other words your customer will look for.

Now is the time to do this before the season begins and ends.

If you search Paros on you tube see what you will get – do you think this will bring the kind of people we want to see?


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Comment by Connie Dula on June 12, 2009 at 23:57
"the most effective way to attract “non-polluting” tourists; is our challenge to bring to the island more of them, more of those who would appreciate what the island has to offer, our kind of people"

I agree - I'm from the US and seriously looking at Paros to retire to. I would like to see it kept pristine too. If you target "artists" and "eco friendly tourism" and "green accomodations" I think you will go a long way in attracting the type of tourist you would like to see. Are there tours for kayakers? Artists? Archaelogical types? Conservationists /bird watchers/ animal lovers? What makes your island unique? You need something to set you apart. Do you employ wind power? Your web site is awesome - keep up the good work - hope to see you soon!!!
Comment by Nicolas Stephanou on May 28, 2009 at 20:25
There might be some confusion here and I thought that a little retrospective might help clarifying it.
Before Paros became a popular holiday resort, the Island was often harsh in providing its resources to its children who often preferred to migrate to other lands, where life was less tough.
Then came the age of (mass) travelling and the beauty and the magic of Paros were discovered and enjoyed by more and more people. In our days, the popularity of Paros is steadily destroying the same beauty and magic which have been once the reasons of its popularity. And the risk is imminent for our grandchildren to look again for a place where life will treat them better, unless action is taken immediately, towards a new synthesis between on one side the protection of the natural and human environment, on the other the provision of jobs and prosperity to the inhabitants. This is what is usually named “sustainable tourism”.
To keep Paros beautiful and magic we need to continue to have visitors, not those brought by professional developers, but those who are interested in immersing in its beauty and magic. The Internet is the ideal place to find this category of visitors and the kind of peer-to-peer marketing suggested by Ronit is probably one of the most effective way to attract “non-polluting” tourists.
Comment by wynn parks on May 27, 2009 at 3:28
Beware of people or organizations that title themselves "developers", who come around talking about attracting crowds of vacationers, etc. Don't temporize on developing a sceptical approach to them. Don't let it slide thinking you'll know when enough is enough. Once speculators in the comodity of "Paros" get started, they will have control before Parians know what happened. I've watched this happen to the area of Florida where I now live. Previously I lived for a number of years on Paros and know the island from a geologist's perspective. Bringing in more tourists than the island's water resources can support, and sucking the island dry might not be so hot in the long run. Depends on what Parians want life on Paros to be like for their grandchildren, same ones they plant olive trees for.


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