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Video by me: Kapetanios, Captain

Kapetanios (captain) is an Amorgian fiesta in the middle of winter. It is a 24-hour fiesta with music, fish, wine and dance until the morning. I wish to everyone to be part of it… Continue

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Video by me: Silkworm & silkworm production (Μεταξοσκώληκας)

Thιs documentary has been filmed and edited in 4 days, in order to present the silk production in Amorgos,

with me working up to 20 hours per day.

I made this film in cooperation with Baggelis Bassalos and we are very happy about this project.

It was made for the needs of a journalism conference that had to do with tradition in Amorgos.

The old women that used to produce silk talk about it in the film and they also describe to us the way of doing it.

They also say how… Continue

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People can have fun

I saw that online and I thought to share it with Paros community as That weekend I was there , in Paros, filming a documentary for enviromental issues and I met lovely and very active people.

I hope those videos will make you smile and think positive about your efforts.

When people want everything can happen.

With my love Yulie the filmaker…


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