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Songs from Dinosaki's Jukebox- Wynn Parks

  Available in Paroikia from Anagenissi ("News Stand") near Church of One Hundred Doors; in Naoussa from Paria Lexis for 16 Euro; in North America from: Archilochus Press, Box 1483, Santa Rosa Beach, FL. 32459 U.S.A., or <> $19.95 plus s&h. Softbound 367 pages Cover art by Brett Taylor, founder of The Aegean School of Fine Arts, Paros.

~Sailing aboard Pandora, from Crete to Athens, Andy Alytis falls in with a group of seven back-packers on their way to climb Mt. Olympus.
Mid-course the ferry is forced to take refuge on Yria, an obscure island where Santorini's fulminating volcano lights up the south horizon.
Determined to reach Olympus "by full-moon", the seven travelers venture ashore by day, scouting Yria for alternate ways to the mainland. By night they carouse fitfully in the ferry's close quarters, until Andy introduces them to his onshore discovery: Dinosaki's cafenion! Moreover, he has met Sophia within: a gouty expatriate; ex-astrology-columnist, who consents to divine the travelers' fortunes.
Every evening, in the cafenion, one of the vagabonds plays a song on the ancient jukebox in the corner. Sophia translates the lyrics, "channeling for the jukebox, mind you" and warranting that each tale will contain a truth recognized by the player only.
Thus, is spun, out of Sophia's interpretations, seven quirky, dark "songs", redolent with sardonic humor; haunted by ghosts of Dionysian Greece.
Between songs, looking through the cafenion window, Andy Alytis sees that Santorini inflames more of the horizon with every passing night.

Wynn Parks

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Comment by wynn parks on September 18, 2010 at 0:12
Hans Holstad, Norwegian translator and Henri Bergson scholar about, Songs from Dinosaki's Jukebox :
"Wynn, I have read it (Songs from Dinosakis' Jukebox) with great pleasure... I am fascinated by your small tales, which are incorporated in the book... To tell the truth, some of your pages have literally mesmerized me- Hans
Comment by Tammy Parks on June 2, 2010 at 21:02
Manouli Steals a Kiss (excerpt)

Manouli had been born a child of Epiphany. To the village's old women, his birth season-- the season of long nights, when old and New Year meet-- placed a part of Manouli in the company of satyrs and ghosts, and other creatures of the in-between.

Love the beginning of this story, Wynn. Great job!
Comment by wynn parks on May 1, 2010 at 0:58
Archilochus Press would like to offer assistance to any bonified fund-raising effort to restore the Aghios Constantinos church on the Paroikia castro, by pledging 10% of its Paros sales of Songs from Dinosaki's Jukebox: An Island Arabesque to such a project.
Anyone wishing copies of "Jukebox" (15 Euros), please contact artist Alice Meyer-Wallace, of Naousa. "Aliki" will act as sales rep and will be arriving in Paros for the summer on the 20th of May
Comment by wynn parks on February 13, 2010 at 0:52
Gail Holst-Warhaft author of the classic Road to Rembetika said this about Songs from Dinosaki's Jukebox :
"Dinosaki's Jukebox was a roller coaster! I was expecting something more in the Greek-island-as paradise vein, and enjoyed the rough and tumble.
"I was really touched to be acknowledged beside some of my greatest loves."
Comment by wynn parks on January 30, 2010 at 20:19
Recently received these words of praise for "Songs" from Jim Pratley, a former student at the Aegean School of Fines Arts, on Paros:
"How I enjoyed your surreal tale, Wynn... The imagery is wonderful. Particularly the quarry episode..." ~Jim~
Comment by wynn parks on January 13, 2010 at 0:29
Excerpt from Songs from Dinosaki's Jukebox . Coming to Paros this Spring:

"For palm reading?" Lily snorted, "One hundred Euros, plus what?"
"Plus tip, dear. Beside, who said anything about 'palm reading'? Sorry, but this is what I mean by tourist entertainment. I went through my 'palm reading' phase when I was a teen-ager... I never use the same method twice anymore. One time I read the paterns someone makes as they swim through the water; the next time, it's the bird calls in the noon-day orchard. The way I see it, anything on God's green Earth ---the material plane--- can be used for my brand of divination ---which, I've been told by a very handsome professor, is 'existential'. The trick is translating what the thing says."
Comment by Eleni Grammatikaki on December 12, 2009 at 11:42
Hi Wynn! Looks good! Maybe add a title? "Songs from Dinosaki's Jukebox: An Island Arabesque by Wynn Parks" Regards!


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