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Rhythm in Blue by tfc Parks- Review

The setting of this first enthralling novel by tfc Parks is Paros all over. No big surprise, knowing that the author is one of a generation of ex-patriot progeny. They are the sons and daughters of  foreigner writers and painters, children who grew up, "almost Greek", at Paros Sporos, and Sarakiniko or Pisso Livadi in the Seventies and Eighties. Now they themselves have become writers and painters

After reading Rhythm in Blue, I thought to myself, "Whose kid was this hanging around the port, the cafenion, or the ex-patriot parties at all hours, and secretly recording it all with such merciless clarity? Would I be surprised to know? Whoever she is, she helps immortalize the artists' colony on Paros ---good, bad, and ugly--- long before the Club Med types moved in and "civilized" the place. There is no happy-sappy Mama Mia music score to Rhythm in Blue; no silly dance routines down at the harbor. There's a stronger rhythm in the torturous ballos between Shelby and Rick as their lives sway forward and back against the blue of Aegean Greece, or a blues from Rick's American band.

Rick and Shelby's story isn't just about a forbidden love affair against all odds, but an act of cultural exploration; a fulminating chapter in ex-pat literature; at core, a why and how of the ex-patriot heart.

Whoever this kid is, she knows whereof she writes. I was there too...

Check this book out, either hard-copy or e-book. Carry on the mythos.

Other reviewers have had this to say about Parks' Rhythm In Blue:

Beautiful book, could not put it down. I read it in one night, totally beat and tired now. But soo worth it. Made me cry on several occasions. Just buy the book, curl in a warm bed and enjoy!!” – Amazon
“A really evocative book, summoning up the atmosphere of a Greek island perfectly and the attraction between two very different people. The scenes stay with you, as well as hope.” – Smashwords

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