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"On the Ferry" taken from PEOPLE ON PAROS by Mykia Taylor

 The woman in black slacks and blouse,

 Noticing that the ship had left the

 Piraeus dock,

 Put down her cigarette, 

 And made the sign of the cross;

 Then said sharply to her little                                                      


 "We're moving - we're at sea!                                                          

 Make the cross! Make the cross!"                                                          

 While the child obediently crossed                                                         


 She scowled and stuck out her tongue                                                            

 at her mother.                                                           

~Mykia Taylor, from Philadelphia, visited Paros often during the Sixties &                                                             

 Seventies. Enamored of island life, she went on to record her                                                            

 impressions in a thin volume: "People on Paros".~                                                                







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