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Do you have a difficult time writing an essay even after receiving tips? Do you often get confused about the type of essay you are writing? You are not alone. I realized that having essay-writing tips was not enough for me to write a perfect essay.  I had to find sample essays in order to learn how to compose essays aptly.  I will give an example of an argumentative essay that will help you write your own argumentative essays.

An argumentative essay, just like any other essay, takes the basic form of an essay; that is; introduction, thesis, body, and conclusion.  I realized, with time, that the argumentative essay takes more than the basic structure of the essay.  Other factors I consider while writing an essay are:

Extensive research

An argumentative essay is about arguing your point of view.  Your points must be factual or else you will be arguing based on rumors.  When I write my essay, I ensure that everything I state is factual and I acknowledge the text through in-text citation.  It is important to note that in any type of essay you must acknowledge the source of information.

Excellent writing skills

It is just not enough to have points on your topic.  You have to know how to express your points.  I sometimes have this problem when composing an essay; this gives me a feeling of being stuck.  However, I have come up with a solution to this problem, which can apply to everyone and will be effective when writing an argumentative essay.

The strongest points come first when composing an argumentative essay. This has always helped to create a strong argument when writing down argumentative essay papers. I sometimes leave out some points when I obtain the required word limits.  It is often a relief when I have expressed my strongest points, and I can leave out the other points, which add little weight in my essay.

I illustrate each point in its own paragraph.

 I usually avoid clustering all my points in one paragraph.  Clumping points in one paragraph will prevent you from thoroughly exploiting each topic.  This, in turn, makes your essay less argumentative. 

I always choose the right words to express myself.

Have analytical skills

Argumentative essays, unlike other forms of essays, require high analytical skills. When writing an argumentative essay, I tend to be more analytical. I try to analyze the topic and evaluate the situation at hand before I start making my arguments. This is because it is impracticable for me to make a valid argument without analyzing a situation.

These steps have helped me when I write an argumentative essay.  I also encourage you to follow the above steps when you are writing an argumentative essay.  If you adhere to these guidelines, I can guarantee you quality work and good grades.  If you are having difficulties in following the above directions in writing your essays, you can always seek professional writing service. Then not only, but also high-level professionals would help you to submit only the best quality papers.


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