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I want to let my friends know about another promo for e-readers on Amazon. This time the story is "Dancers of Epano". On Dec. 9th and 10th, go to for free downloads of the tale.

I am haunted by the question of what thoughts race through the minds of people facing certain death: the 300 Spartans at the "Hot Gates" watching the advance of the Persian host; the defenders of the Alamo seeing Santa Anna's troops hoist the red "no quarter" flag...  "Dancers" is in homage to the legend of the Suliot Women, who in 1803 threw their children and themselves over a cliff near Zalongo rather than be captured by advancing Turkish troops. Though, I can't claim to have privy to those resolute women's innermost thoughts, I hope "Dancers" somehow captures an inkling of what was in the air on that fateful day...

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