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Art and Civilization of Ancient Paros Project 2014 - Call for participants

The Paros Project 2014 -- Call for participants

Classical studies on the island of Paros, Greece


GENERAL INFORMATION. The Paros and Cyclades Institute of Archaeology based in Paroikia, Paros, offers to students and interested persons in Classical civilization a class- and-field summer program on the


Art and Civilization of Ancient Paros


during the summer of 2014. Participants must be 18 or older. The Paros Project is managed by The Paros and Cyclades Institute of Archaeology.


2014 SUMMER PROGRAM: The Paros Project will accept students and interested persons in Classical civilization in a class- and-field summer program for the following periods in the summer 2014:

Period I. June 16-27.  Period II August 18-29 2014.

The main focus of offered classes will be archaeological including courses on

(a) The Archaeology of Paros from the Prehistoric times to the Hellenistic Period

(b) The Byzantine presence in the islands of the Cyclades: the case of Paros and

(c) Sculptors and Sculpture Workshops of Paros focusing on famous Parian sculptors of the Archaic-Hellenistic periods. The program combines class teaching at the Institute’s quarters in Paroikia with visits to important archaeological sites of the island including the famous ancient marble quarries of Paros and the Archaeological Museum located in Paroikia, the modern capital of Paros.  


Participants are expected to attend classes and participate in archaeological field trips from Monday to Friday, with weekends free for rest or excursions in the region. The Paros Project will issue certificates of participation upon request.


MEDICAL. All participants are responsible for their own health and accident insurance and will be asked to sign a waiver of liability (to be sent electronically by the Paros Project upon application for participation). They should bring their own supply of sunscreen/block, first aid items (band-aids, Neosporin and Cortisone cream recommended), and any prescription drugs they may need. Anyone having a problem with drugs or alcohol, or a communicable disease, should not apply and will be asked to leave.


WEATHER, DRESS & SUPPLIES. The summer weather on Paros is wonderful, sunny, warm but not particularly hot. Most evenings are comfortably cool. Water temperature in the sea is perfect for swimming. Expect mostly bright sunshine. Dress is informal. Participants are advised to bring the following:

sun hat (essential), spare glasses/sunglasses if needed

sturdy shoes/sneakers

street clothes for weekends

shoulder bag or backpack

bathing suit and beach towel

personal toiletry articles

notebook, pencils & pens


HOTEL AND MEALS. Participants will stay in Paroikia, the capital of Paros, and eat at nearby tavernas arranged by the program.  The hotel provides breakfast and the tavernas dinner seven days a week, pre-paid by the contribution. 


TRANSPORTATION. Participants arrange their own transportation to and from Greece. After your acceptance, we will advise you regarding transportation from the Athens airport to Paros.




The mailing address for participants during their stay is:


The Paros and Cyclades Institute of Archaeology

84 400 Paroikia, Paros



Internet access is available at various Internet-café in Paroikia.




APPLICATION PROCEDURE AND DETAILED PROGRAM. For application procedures and detailed offered program, please contact Ms. Anna Triantafyllou at


Openings are limited. We will process applications in the order received, and notify you regarding acceptance as soon as possible.


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