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A Couple of stories for Halloween-Greek Island Gothic

   I know that on the 31st of this month, somebody will get in  costume and go to somebody else's house where there will be scariness, intentional and un, going on all night. Get in the mood before hand with one or two spooky stories set right on the next island, but one! FREE HALLOWEEN DOWNLOADS at: <>

"Barba Yiannis~Uncle Blood Sucker" (short-story)- An island girl's uncle returns  as a vrykolakas, and begins manifesting socially unacceptable behavior --- 19th through the 21st Oct.

"Brenner's Bones" (novella)- A couple of ex-pats, trying to make a living at reconstructing animal skeletons, go into the mountainous hinterlands of  Hypatia, to bring back the bones of a dragon! -   28th through 30 Oct.

Internet search for: <>

And if you like those tales, check out "Songs from Dinosakis' Jukebox" at the Paroikia, and Naousa book stores.



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