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"Zen" of the Freediver

Hi gang,

Here's a piece from the Beachcomber Magazine in the "panhandle" region of Florida where it feels like I've been hanging out for too long. One of  the favorite activities of mine and my paraia on Paros was spearfishing and sussing out octopodia and I assume that there's those of  you who still do. Some of the best of free-divers in the world come from the Med, so maybe this will interest... …


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Rambulations of Andreas the Bum cover

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Rambulations of Andreas the Bum- Wynn Parks' new "Yria" tales

Here's a twenty-four page sample of my latest in the adventures of Andy Alytis as "xenopariotis". Contact <> for the details!



8 Dec.2017

Sorry it took so long, guys. There were technical hang-ups... "Rambulations" can be down loaded as an e-book, on I can provide a gift coupon for anyone who will leave a review of the e-book. There's also a limited edition paper book from…


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"Tin Man" a remembrance of Paros by Paul Alan Bennett

Paul Alan Bennett is a nationally recognized, award-winning American artist who spent six years living the ex-pat life in the Seventies, painting on Paros, and later studying in Athens. He now lives in Sisters, Oregon, U.S.A. where he maintains a studio.

Paul's says: "Though its been thirty-six years since my return from Greece, those six years I lived there…


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Wight of the Living Head- The Halloween Jack-o-Lantern


I suppose that Halloween, in Greece, is an imported holiday, but anyone who appreciates traditions like the kallikantzeros, and the vrykolakos should be able to get into the bogies of Halloween as well. Anyway, who doesn't like scary tales? Here's my take on the subject from Archaeology Magazine (Sept./Oct.…


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The spirit of Halloween


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Whatever Happened to Jorge Saralegui

What ever happened to Jorge Saralegui?

How many artists and writers have made Paros their home, either permanently or for a season over the past forty-seven years; a thousand; more?

In 1974, Jorge Saralegui took six months off from his studies at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, to concentrate on his writing at The Aegean School of Fine Arts. Jorge was my first writing student then, and his writing interest at the time was vampire stories. It was an obsession that…


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Penelope's Confession

Gail Holst-Warhaft is considered one of the leading poets of her generation; interpreter of ancient and modern Greek life, literature and music. Her book on Rembetika music: Road to Rembetika, published first in Athens in 1975 is in it's second edition.

Penelope's Confession…


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"A Stolen Rope?"~ Another poem from PEOPLE ON PAROS by Mykia Taylor

Until it was done by tourists,

stealing was unknown on Paros.

The only theft on record,

for many years,

Occurred when a monk went mad

and stole a holy icon.

No sane Parian steals.

Stavros, wanting to water his


Went to the well on his country


And found the well-rope missing.

"To the devil!" he cursed,

"this island's getting as bad as


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Songs from Dinosaki's Jukebox- now available from Greece in Print


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"On the Ferry" taken from PEOPLE ON PAROS by Mykia Taylor

 The woman in black slacks and blouse,

 Noticing that the ship had left the

 Piraeus dock,

 Put down her cigarette, 

 And made the sign of the cross;

 Then said sharply to her little                                                      


 "We're moving - we're at sea!                                                          

 Make the cross! Make the…


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Return to the Aegean by Emma Russell-Review

Here is another great first novel set on Paros by one of the island's ex-patriot, art colony daughters, Emma Russell.  Available in digital and hard-copy. Google:

 Return to the Aegean E.J.

Return to the Aegean E.J.

The heart of a "return" story is homecoming. The story's hero leaves his or her home driven by inner, or outer demons of circumstance. An eternity later, by virtue of his, or her trials and tribulations in the outside…


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Rhythm in Blue by tfc Parks- Review

The setting of this first enthralling novel by tfc Parks is Paros all over. No big surprise, knowing that the author is one of a generation of ex-patriot progeny. They are the sons and daughters of  foreigner writers and painters, children who grew up, "almost Greek", at Paros Sporos, and Sarakiniko or Pisso Livadi in the Seventies and Eighties. Now they themselves have become writers and painters

After reading Rhythm in Blue, I thought to myself, "Whose kid was this hanging…


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Tasos: Three Parian Nights of the Wild, Ex-Patriot Boy

     Ty Soule Bitting Jr., known almost everywhere he went, as "Tasos", died on Amorgos May Sixth (2012). A neighbor found him in bed that morning. The medical examiner in Athens said Ty died of complications from an untreated hernia. If so, it was honestly acquired from the wear and tear of hard living; in particular, twenty-plus years of putting out, and hauling in fishing nets. He is survived by an ex-wife in southern France, and a son, Robinson, who is currently in flight school in the…


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Dancing over a Cliff

I want to let my friends know about another promo for e-readers on Amazon. This time the story is "Dancers of Epano". On Dec. 9th and 10th, go to for free downloads of the tale.

I am haunted by the question of what thoughts race through the minds of people facing certain death: the 300 Spartans at the "Hot Gates" watching the advance of the Persian host; the defenders of the…


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A Couple of stories for Halloween-Greek Island Gothic

   I know that on the 31st of this month, somebody will get in  costume and go to somebody else's house where there will be scariness, intentional and un, going on all night. Get in the mood before hand with one or two spooky stories set right on the next island, but one! FREE HALLOWEEN DOWNLOADS at: <>

"Barba Yiannis~Uncle Blood Sucker" (short-story)- An island girl's uncle returns  as a vrykolakas, and begins manifesting socially unacceptable…


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More of Wynn Parks' "Yria" stories in e-book format

Wynn Parks' "Yria" stories, some excerpted from "Songs from Dinosaki's Jukebox" can now be found, with free samples, in e-book format --- Kindle, iPad, Kobo, etc. Discover "Brenner's Bones", "Manoulis Steals a Kiss"  "Uncle Adonis-Ladies' Man", "Dancers of Epano", and more by googling <>.

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Songs from Dinosaki's Jukebox- Wynn Parks

  Available in Paroikia from Anagenissi ("News Stand") near Church of One Hundred Doors; in Naoussa from Paria Lexis for 16 Euro; in North America from: Archilochus Press, Box 1483, Santa Rosa Beach, FL. 32459 U.S.A., or <> $19.95 plus s&h. Softbound 367 pages Cover art by Brett Taylor, founder of The Aegean School of Fine Arts, Paros.

~Sailing aboard Pandora, from Crete to Athens, Andy Alytis falls in with a group of seven…


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From Marathon to Paros in a Sixteen Foot Boat- The Voyage of the Corinne



                                                                               Wynn Parks



     Two months after Brett has died in a Boston hospital, Gail and I are laboriously paddling out onto the Aegean. It’s a hot day; a day for sunglasses. The paunchy inflatable in which we kneel, needs bailing. Brett has named the little life-raft after Picasso’s grand…


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